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Sounds wierd, but work is one of the main components of our lives, as for any person, particularly, and IT job is not an exception. This is the moment of self-realization, the desire to be identified to the fullest and the desire to develop your own personal opportunities, which, in fact, is an integral condition for happiness. We firmly believe that there can be suitable work for each person, which will give meaning to his life and joy to be useful to society.

Our goal here is to help any it specialist in job search, regardless of his/her language, colour, residence, religion, or beliefs.

What we are doing to achieve this goal:

- We tried to create convenient and simple tools for job searches, helping to select those IT job positions that exactly correspond to their knowledge, experience, skills, residence or other important parameters.
- We seek to provide any important information about the future place of work that will help to understand the candidate whether this vacancy is suitable for him/her.
- We carefully check the details of the company according to the placed it vacancy, regardless it targets all over Ukraine or the specific city.

What drives us towards the goal:

- We respect all our users. In case the user does not behave as expected, it is not his/her fault. That means we didn 't understand his/her needs.
- We trust the people we work with and are ready to listen to the opposite point of view, and we also know how to put ourselves in the place of another person.
- We put all our energy and passion into work, so we are always looking for an answer to the question "How else can we improve?."
- Only we are the main reason what is happening to us, so we are ready to take responsibility for all our decisions and results.

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